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Energy Management - EMIS, Flakeboard

Flakeboard reduces energy consumption by nearly 7% with EMIS deployment from Actemium.

Challenge: Growth Results in Increased Energy Costs.

After a period of growth and expansion of production capacity, Flakeboard was faced with rising energy costs. Increased costs for each production line and to better understand the breakdown of the energy usage for each of line and to determine an accurate cost-per-unit.

Today, Actemium offers a pre-engineered energy management solution based on RtEMIS.


Solution: Actemium selected to provide turn-key RtEMIS solution

After an initial audit, Actemium was selected to provide a turnkey energy management solution. Working with partners at OSIsoft and RtTech, Actemium integrated the PI System™ with RtEMIS to collect, analyze and display energy information on a web browser.

Today, Actemium offers a pre-engineered energy management solution based on RtEMIS, the software divides the company into corporate, site, department, and EAC. It can illustrate detailed energy targets for each EAC and identify savings and losses in both dollars and energy. Each user can access real-time energy consumption data, relative achievement of targets, and the costs or savings realized. The data is pulled from each station via PLC or HMI and brought together into one interface, which can be accessed from any site via the web client.

Actemium’s deployment has helped Flakeboard reduce energy consumption by 6.6%, saving $953,279 in 3 years.



  • 2mw reduced monthly demand in 3 years
  • 6% reduced energy consumption
  • $953,279 savings in 3 years